Portobello Road

  • Looking North Looking North
  • Middle of the Road Middle of the Road
  • Portobello Green stalls Portobello Green stalls
  • South end of the Road South end of the Road
  • Vegetable stall Vegetable stall
  • Looking North Looking North
  • Golborne Road Golborne Road
  • Portobello Green stalls Portobello Green stalls
  • Antiques market Antiques market
  • Antique silverware stall Antique silverware stall
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Welcome to Portobello Road
This World famous street market is located in North Kensington, in a road which stretches for about two miles, from Pembridge Road right up to Goldborne Road.

It not only hosts a very popular antique shops and stalls, but also an array of stalls and shops selling all sorts of interesting items.

You will find retro-clothing, going way back to the twenties, music, bric-a-brac.   Loads of decorative stuff, from carpets, furniture, pictures to small items of interest.   The road also hosts a number of fresh vegetable and fruit stall, which have been around for a number of generations.
Try something from the freshly made food, be it a paella, tapas, fish, crepes and other delicious food, cheeses, rolls, breads.  All freshly made.

Relax over a pint in one of the ten pubs in the Road.   Each with its own atmosphere, selection of drinks, food and also live music.  Or perhaps relax in one of the cafes and restaurants, which are in the Road.

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